Call Us : IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-48-553-3191
  Call Us : IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-48-553-3191
  Call Us : IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-48-553-3191
  Call Us :
IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-48-553-3191

Umeda Factory Indonesia


Umeda Factory Indonesia

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Company Profile Website Design, Responsive Web Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance

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Umeda Factory Indonesia is a subsidiary company of Umeda Kogyo Company Ltd, Japan. It is a sheet metal industry company that is famous for its advanced knowledge, technology that can be used internationally, perfect facilities, and support for employees’ training.

Based on the needs and materials provided by the user, we designed and developed their company profile website starting from setup hosting, design, code development until maintenance and backup website. We also created their website with responsive design on a laptop, iPad, and mobile size to ensure a seamless and consistent experience across mobile devices. This website uses 3 languages, there are English, Indonesia and Japanese.

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