About Us

Ryunosuke Takeishi

President Director


Recently, domestic demand in Japan becomes low and Japanese companies find it difficult to get benefits inside Japan. With the advance of globalization, most of the Japanese companies within Japan are planning to extend their business overseas.

Not only large enterprises but also small and medium-sized enterprises cannot function successfully without applying a global management system, a management system suitable for diverse tradition and culture. We support Japanese companies in Indonesia with our knowledge of information technology to beat the global economic competition.

By using our knowledge of information technology, we provide customers, developers, and users with information services that are reliable and always in step with rapidly changing information technology.

We always try to contribute to our society by promoting the development of information technology that makes possible the complete development of information society and Global communication.

About Us

Walk Brains Co., Ltd. is an IT Services Company established in 2009 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Then, in 2011, We opened PT. Walk Brains Indonesia which is a branch office in Jakarta Indonesia. We provide a one-stop service for Japanese companies by engineers with much knowledge about Japanese manufacturers. We can provide IT consultation, system development and customer support.

Our History

November 18

18 Nov 2009

Walk Brains Co., Ltd. Established in Saitama with capital 3,000,000 JPY
November 23

23 Nov 2010

Walk Brains Indonesia Apply for the establishment with capital $ 100000
April 15

15 April 2011

Walk Brains Indonesia Began operations at Indonesia Wisma KEIAI
February 23

23 Feb 2015

Moved office from Wisma KEIAI to MidPlaza for business expansion
January 4

4 Jan 2016

Start Web Design & Development Project
March 26

26 Mar 2018

Bekasi Office Open

Our Services

Since the established of Walk Brains Indonesia in 2011, We start with IT Construction Environment (Network Construction and VPN Connection setting from Indonesia to Japan vice versa, Secure Security, Setting Server Introduction, etc.). We also offer many IT troubleshooting, IT maintenance (supporting a wide range of regular visits or full-time contract) and operation management.