Call Us : IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-048-553-4655

  Call Us : IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-048-553-4655

  Call Us : IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-048-553-4655

  Call Us :
IDN +62-21-572-4712 – JPN +81-048-553-4655

JIIPE Gresik
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JIIPE Gresik 

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JIIPE is the first integrated area in Indonesia, with a total area of ​​3,000 hectares, which consists of an industrial area, a multifunctional public port, and a residence with an independent city concept. Located in Gresik, East Java province, JIIPE is a pilot area for industrial development in Indonesia.

Before we make videos, we take photos and videos directly to the company location as needed based on the narrative that has been made. After taking photos and videos, then we make videos with the addition of background music, subtitles if needed, and voice-over.
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