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RJ45 Connector Cable: An Introduction

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What is RJ45?

RJ45 is an Ethernet cable connector that primarily serves as a connector in local area network (LAN) computer network topologies and other network topologies. RJ itself stands for Registered Jack and serves as a network standard which governs the installation of connector heads and cord sets used to connect two or more telecommunications (telephone jacks) or network equipment (computer network). It is also purposed as the physical interface of the network, for the benefits of telecommunications and data communications.  

The RJ45 connector include 8 pins, with every 8 pins spaced apart and visible if inspected closely at the end of the Ethernet cable. The 8 types of pins, each with its own characteristics are available in a variety of colors and arrangements of cables. In the RJ45, 4 wires are designed in solid colors while the other 4 wires are striped.  

Why use RJ45?

The RJ45 connector is well designed and suited to the Ethernet port, ensuring a stable and reliable connection. 

RJ45 can be used to connect various types of devices such as computers, routers, switches, and other network devices.  

The RJ45 is very practical and easy to use due to its simple connector design and easy plugs into an Ethernet port.  

The RJ45 supports data transfer rates of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), making it ideal for high-speed networks. 

RJ45 has been approved as a standard by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is widely used worldwide. This makes it easy to use the RJ45 across a variety of devices and ensures consistency across network connectors. 

How does the RJ45 Function?

How does the RJ45 Connector Work?

The RJ45 connector works by applying it as an Ethernet wired network plug. Ethernet itself is a communication network created to allow multiple computers to connect with each other.  

The RJ45 connector include eight copper wires which is connected to a UTP cable. Inside the connector, there are two types of connections, namely: CAT 4 and CAT 6.  

CAT4 is a connection type that allows four cable connections to interconnect. In CAT 6 only 6 cables are connected and later used for data transmission 

Only four cables are required for data transmission. Whereas the rest are utilized when other cables are needed for repair. However, the connection may also require the role of all cables in the connector itself 

What are the Types of RJ45 Connectors?

1. Cross Over Cable

This type of crossover cable uses RJ45 connectors to connect two types of network devices in a hierarchical level process. 

2. Straight Through Cable

This particular type of RJ45 connector functions to connect two types of networks devices with different hierarchies.  

3. Cable Roll Over

Roll over cable configuration is arguably the simplest type of connection. To achieve this simply reverse the function of the cable from one side to the other. 

4. CAT cable

Additionally, RJ45 connectors are also commonly found on CAT cables. CAT is a device commonly used in LAN (Local Area Network) network types. Its unique feature is to support the data transfer process between multiple devices connected to an Ethernet network. 

Which is Our Recommendation?

One of the best RJ45 brands in the market is Belden RJ45. UTP Cat 6 connector is a type of RJ45 connector used to attach Category 6 Gigabit UTP RJ45 cables with data transfer rates up to 10/100/1000Mbps. There are several reasons why many people choose Belden over other brands when choosing his RJ45 network cables, including : 

1. Quality

This type of crossover cable uses RJ45 connectors to connect two types of network devices in a hierarchical level process. 

2. Latest Technology

Belden strives to be of the latest technological developments and continues to develop new innovations to ensure the network cables they produce meet the latest standards and can optimize network performance. 

3. Wide selection of products

Belden offers a wide range of RJ45 network cable products, including Category 5e, 6, 6a, and 7 cables, allowing users to choose the cable that suits their needs.   

4. Reliability

Belden network cables have been tested for reliability and are widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications worldwide. Belden also offers product warranties, and the user has assurance in the quality of Belden products.   

5. Technical Support

Belden provides users of its products with excellent technical support, including online resources, technical documentation, and a technical support team that is always available to answer any questions or issues related to Belden products.   

The Bottomline

RJ45 is an Ethernet cable connector for LAN (Local Area Network) computer network topologies, approved as a standard by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and widely used worldwide. Stable and reliable connection, very user friendly and practical. 

Belden RJ45 Cat 6 is suitable for network applications requiring fast and reliable performance such as: offices, schools, homes, or industrial network environments. 

Do you experience issues with the network at your office? Worry less and reach out to us using the information listed on this page. We are happy to assist you!  

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